Stainless Steel for all your drink needs

If you want to make a change to improve the planet, you can massively cut your use of plastic by purchasing an insulated stainless steel flask. What’s great about a stainless steel thermos is that it is ideal for both cold and hot drinks alike. Your cold drinks stay cold and your hot drinks stay hot! What’s not to like?!

There are so many options out there from stainless steel insulated tumblers, stainless steel wine tumblers and you can even get a stainless steel tumbler with straw!

Why choose stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a great material for a flask or tumbler. It won’t corrode, won’t rust and won’t leave a strange taste in your mouth. And, because of the increase in awareness around avoiding single-use plastics, there are so many options available in stores and online. You get a delicious drink to enjoy all day at the right temperature without adding to landfill with plastic water bottles or coffee cups.

How to choose the best stainless steel insulated tumbler

A stainless steel tumbler and a stainless steel thermos are pretty similar. The main difference is that a thermos typically holds more liquid and is ideal for sharing. Usually, a stainless steel tumbler is used by one person. So, if you’re wanting a flask for your family camping trip or hike, a stainless steel thermos is your best option but if you’re wanting something for your commute or office, a stainless steel tumbler is ideal. If you really love your drinks to be large, a 20 oz stainless steel tumbler is you’re a great buy. If you consider that your average cup of coffee is only 6 oz, then a 20 oz stainless steel tumbler will keep you going all day!

Insulated stainless steel tumblers

What about children?

Children run around a lot and often get thirsty, they also like to have their own possessions. Children love to have their own stainless steel tumbler with straw. Even better, a stainless steel tumbler with straw will keep your child’s juice at a lovely cool temperature when outside in the sunshine!

How do you clean a stainless steel thermos?

Stainless steel insulated tumblers need regular cleaning. If you use hot soapy water at the end of each day, you will keep your stainless steel thermos as good as new. The great thing about stainless steel is that it is so easy to clean when compared to other materials used for flasks or tumblers. If you want to deep clean your flask and remove any difficult stains, you could add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to your cleaning solution. Always make sure that you rinse your tumbler before use. Also, allowing the tumbler to air dry is easier and cleaner too. Always check that your stainless steel tumbler can go in the dishwasher and be aware that most of them can’t!

How safe is stainless steel?

There has been a lot of talk about a substance found in plastics called BPA. This is commonly found in storage containers and drinks bottles but it has received bad press because it leaks cancer-causing toxins. When looking for a stainless steel insulated tumblers, make sure that it doesn’t have a plastic lid that contains BPA.

Stainless steel on its own is not toxic. It will not cause any harm or damage to your body. A stainless steel insulated tumblers or stainless steel thermos is made using two layers of stainless steel. The outer casing and the inner casing join together through a welding process and then vacuum technology removes the air in between the layers. The vacuum is what makes the thermos insulated and what keeps the drink at the right temperature.

Stainless steel has many advantages. For example, it is a good thermal insulator, is lightweight, won’t corrode, won’t break and won’t extrude. What’s more, it is heat-resistant too. Usually, stainless steel thermos flasks, stainless steel tumblers and stainless steel wine tumblers use food grade 3-4 stainless steel. This means that the vacuum flask does not contain too much heavy metal.

You do need to be careful, however, when you buy a stainless steel tumbler. If the price looks too good to be true, then it probably is. A cheaper flask probably won’t use 304 stainless steel.

Can you put any drink in a stainless steel thermos?

In theory, yes. The best thing to put in a stainless steel tumbler is water, whether hot or cold. You can put other substances in like milk or tea but you need to take care. With tea, for example, there are a lot of ingredients that make it nutritional. If tea spends too long in a thermos, its nutritional properties from theophylline and tannic acid are reduced. The tea doesn’t taste as nice and is quite bitter. Also, with milk, you need to exercise caution. If you have a hot drink with milk in your thermos the bacteria in it will breed for every 20-minute period. Also, the milk starts to deteriorate after around 3 or 4 hours. Finally, the hot temperature inside the thermos can destroy the good vitamins in the milk, making it less nutritious.

One thing you might not have heard of before is a stainless steel wine tumbler. These are amazing! Imagine enjoying a glass of wine by the campfire without worrying about breaking your wine glass. You can even get stainless steel wine tumblers with lids! How cool is that! Take them abroad, to festivals and on your hikes to the countryside!

Final thoughts

Whether you’re after a huge 20 oz stainless steel tumbler or something that holds just one cup of your favorite drink, there are so many options to choose from. A good thermos or tumbler is a purchase that will keep paying you back the whole year-round. The best thermos will perform two roles: it will keep your coffee warm and will keep your water ice cold. Imagine that on a cold winter’s journey or a hot and sticky commute!

Insulated stainless steel tumblers the new way to enjoy a drink