Coffee is a very important part of our lives

When I first started out in social work I worked with police officers investigating child abuse. I was on call and so would be working some strange and long hours. The sheriff’s department and the police station always had hot coffee available that tasted freshly brewed. One day when I was in their break room, the detective that I was working with was making a pot of coffee. I was amazed that as soon as he poured water into the maker coffee started coming through into the pot below. He told me it was a Bunn coffee maker and that it made a pot of coffee in less than two minutes. This works because there is a reservoir of water heating in the back of the Bunn coffee maker. When the cold water is poured in the hot water flows over the coffee grounds for fast coffee. The cold water then heats very quickly in the reservoir so that another pot of coffee can be made within minutes.

I told my husband about the fast coffee maker and we agreed that we would look for one. The police station had a commercial coffee maker, but I was told that you can buy residential models. We found a residential Bunn coffee maker at a local discount store. The coffee maker cost a bit more than the other machines, however it did have a full year warranty. We decided to buy it and try it out. That was seventeen years ago and we would never buy another kind of coffee maker. We have bought three of the Bunn’s over the years. I love that we can have fresh brewed coffee available in minutes. It is great for entertaining because you can keep making pot after pot so that there is always fresh hot coffee instead of having a large coffee pot sitting out with the coffee getting bitter as the evening goes on. With the Bunn coffee maker you can make four to twelve cups of coffee within two minutes. That is the perfect product for our household.

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