Different styles and uses of stainless steel tumbler

It’s not practical to carry home-mugs around whenever you need to carry a drink outdoors. Using disposable cups isn’t practical as well, it’s wasteful and expensive. But you can’t survive without a beverage either especially in winter. Can you? Only a stainless steel tumbler will save you from this dilemma. There are 2 main classifications of stainless steel tumblers:

Insulated tumblers

Insulated tumblers

Insulated tumblers are also referred to as double wall tumblers. This is because they have 2 layers, commonly made of different materials which help to keep your beverage hot or cold. The internal layer is stainless steel while the external layer could be ceramic, plastic, or glass. The extra wall’s purpose is to prevent the external temperature from reaching the internal layer. This helps to retain the temperature in the tumbler. Insulated tumblers are more effective with cold drinks. Although these tumblers usually reduce their effectiveness after extended use, they are still very dependable. Thermal insulated tumblers fall under this category.


Vacuum tumblers

Vacuum sealed tumblers also have 2 layers but unlike insulated tumblers, the vacuum technology works by ensuring there is no air between the two layers, this way, there are no molecules to transfer heat. The internal temperature remains the same for long hours mostly longer than while using an insulated tumbler hence the reason vacuum tumblers are depopulating insulated tumblers.

stainless steel tumbler

Different styles of stainless steel tumblers

Depending on the quality of materials used, production method and different styles, Stainless steel tumblers can last a lifetime and serve various purposes. Here are the most prevalent styles in the market today.

Stainless steel travel tumblers

These are best suited for long drives. Most of them are slim and tall and have no handle. Their lids are lockable thus more leak-proof so you can toss the tumbler in your bag without worry.

Stainless steel (mug) tumblers

These are often referred to as coffee mugs and commonly used at home or in the office. They are mainly used for hot beverages. You can differentiate them from the rest with their larger opening space. This makes drinking easier. Some of these tumblers resemble the traditional coffee mug; they have a comfortable grip and have a spill-proof lid. They are also ideal for drinking beer.

Double-wall sports stainless steel tumblers

The Double-wall or thermal insulation is normally thicker. It helps to maintain your drink’s temperatures longer despite the fast-moving air outside and regardless of extreme weather conditions. As condensation takes place, the double layer also protects you from getting wet if you are holding the drink.

Stainless steel sipping tumblers

These tumblers could be a combination of many styles; their unique characteristic is that they have a straw-hole drilled. Some modern sipping tumblers have inbuilt straws as well. They are treasured by parents with kids since they minimize the mess children cause while feeding. There are also classy sipping tumblers that can be used by senior adults who may easily lose their grip.

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Uses of stainless steel tumblers

For camping and picnics

If you camp a lot, you already know the frustration of having insufficient beverages while out in the middle of nowhere or running back to the car in search of some chilled soda only to find it’s lukewarm. You could be having all other types of snacks but nothing beats a timely beverage.

Saving; carrying your home-made drinks to reduce expenses

If you like saving, you will enjoy owning a tumbler. Once you make breakfast, you can carry your beverage along instead of purchasing another beverage at work. You get to enjoy your drink at a much less cost.

Follow a dietary routine

With all the health scares around, it’s good to maintain feeding discipline. Several people follow a strict eating routine, for example, they juice their vegetables and have a routine on how to consume them regularly. A tumbler supports maintaining these diets as one can carry their preferred drink to work or on the road.


Medical practitioners advise us to take at least 2 liters of water each day. This is an equivalent of 8 medium glasses. Owning a tumbler helps you to carry water wherever you go thus enabling you to stay hydrated throughout the day.


stainless steel tumbler can keep a beverage cold for many hours. This helps to keep your beverage safe for drinking at a later time. Especially when traveling, it’s easy to miss your meals or forget the content in a non-insulated container. A tumbler will help you preserve your beverages and enjoy them many hours later.

Home storage

If you like to make more tea or coffee to drink and store for later, an insulated tumbler will help you save your beverage for later. You don’t have to cook over and over or warm whenever you want to take. A stainless steel insulation tumbler especially those with thermal insulation act as optional storage for beverages.


High adrenaline sports like football, running, and cycling require one to stay hydrated. Because of their tenacity, stainless steel tumblers make a great companion for sportsmen. Even for casual sports, gym, and outdoor exercises, an insulated tumbler is always a great companion because it’s light, non-breakable and spill-proof.

In conclusion

Besides their ability to maintain your drink’s temperature, stainless steel tumblers offer comfort because you don’t have to carry them delicately. They don’t break or dent. Stainless steel tumblers are also easy to clean especially those that are machine washable. They are light to carry and offer a cheaper alternative to buying drinks on the go. They also preserve the freshness and flavor so you get to enjoy your favorite drink wherever you are, whenever you need it.

There are a few precautions though, not all tumblers fit into your car’s mug holder. It’s needful to confirm the holder’s size before purchase. Additionally, most stainless steel insulation tumblers do not have a handle. If you mind not having a handle, you can still search for available options as you purchase.



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