Features to Look for in a Vacuum Coffee Pot

coffee pot stainless steel

Coffee has become an essential part of our lives, and for many, it has become more of a morning ritual. You need to invest in a good coffee flask or a pot to ensure that you can have hot brewed coffee all day. There are several stores online and physical stores where you can go and shop for your coffee supplies. It would be best if you considered many things when you buy your vacuum coffee pot; a few of the features are listed below. These features will help you in determining whether the coffee pot is suitable for your needs or not.

Material Used

The material that your pot is made up of will have a huge impact on how durable the pot is and how long it will last. Stainless steel is the best material when it comes to your vacuum coffee pots. It is not only durable but also ensures that your pot lasts for a very long time. The insulation within should also be of high quality for your liquid to stay at the right temperature for a good amount of time.

Pot Capacity

This is a personal preference and depends on your needs. If you are brewing coffee for your entire family, you will need a big vacuum coffee pot, but the size can be small if it is only you. Experts also recommend that 1500ml to 2000ml is the perfect size of a vacuum coffee pot; anything more extensive than this will dissipate the heat very quickly. The thermal insulation within the pot works well for these sizes and below it. If you invest in something bigger than this, then the temperature sustenance will be compromised.

Lid Material

The lid is the most crucial thing for creating the vacuum within the flask. When buying a vacuum coffee pot, ensure that the lid has a silicone ring; a thermostat lid will ensure that the coffee stays warm for the longest time. Many lids also have removable seals; if the seal is broken or is not working well, you can go ahead and get it replaced without going through the trouble of buying another pot. The rotary pot lids are more functional as compared to the press down ones; they provide much better insulation. Cork is another material that is used in lids, but this often ends leaking.

Duration of Vacuum

This is another feature that is very important to consider when you are buying your coffee pot because no one wants to drink cold coffee from the pot. Thermal and vacuum pots usually keep the coffee hot from 8 to 24 hours. This directly depends on the material of the pot; the lid used as well as the insulation inside. If you plan to travel with your coffee pot or want to take your coffee to your workplace, it is ideal for getting a vacuum pot that has 10-12 hours of insulation. The longer the vacuum holds within the pot, the longer the coffee stays hot.

vaccum coffee pot steel

Guarantees and Warranties

Whenever you are buying anything, make sure to get guarantees and warranties, you do not want to go home and find out that the pot doesn’t work at all. If you are making your purchase online, the warranty is even more important. You must have a warranty to ensure that you can return the product if anything goes south.


Other Features

A lot of other factors can be considered when you go out to shop for the vacuum coffee pot. A pot with a handle is a good option; this will ensure convenience and easy handling. You also want to ensure that the outside of the pot does not get hot when you pour hot coffee into it. If you go with a good, insulated vacuum pot, this will never be an issue, so this can also be a good quality test for you. Some pots also come with free bags to carry the pot; this will give you an added insulation as well as make it easy to carry the pot. The bag also reduces the chances of any leaks.

This might not be a huge investment but ensuring that you get the right thing is very important. It is always recommended to choose a well-reputed company for your purchases, look for warranties, and make sure they have a return policy as well. If you are buying online, go through the reviews customer have posted to have complete information about the product and the company.