Frugal Indoor Kid’s Activities

Keep your kids busy indoors on cold or rainy days with the following inexpensive activities:
* Mister Grass Head
Materials Needed: nylon knee stocking, Grass Seeds, Potting Soil, Baby Food Jar, Wiggle Eyes or glass paint/markers
Using hosiery, place some grass seeds in the toe. The hosiery is the head and the excess will be placed in the baby food jar to soak up water. The toe of the hose is the head and the grass will look like hair as it grows. The baby food jar is the body. Add some potting soil in the end of the hosiery on top of the seeds. Make sure the hosiery of seeds and soil is bigger than the opening of the baby food jar. Tie a knot in the hosiery to keep the seeds and soil in. Completely soak the soil/seed ball. Place the hosiery in a baby food jar filled with water making sure the head is above the mouth of the jar. Decorate the jar to look like Mister Grass Head’s clothes and add a face onto the head.
*Shadow Drawing
Take brown grocery bags and tape together until you have enough paper to be the same size as your child. Have your child lie down on the paper bags and trace your child’s outline. Your child can then color her “shadow” drawing to look anyway she wants.
*Homemade Toys
Decorate a paper towel tube. Paper punch a hole about an inch from the end. Now tie a mason jar ring to a piece of string about one foot long. Attach and tie the loose end of the string through the hole in the cardboard tube. Hold the tube and flip the ring up and try to catch it onto the tube..
*Indoor Snowball Fight
Wad up newspaper balls and have a snowball war inside.

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