Making Great Coffee Takes Skill

Making good coffee isn’t as simple as just setting your coffee machine. Making bad coffee is much easier to make, but if you want the best cup of coffee then you need to take care of certain things before you pour the first drop.

If you want the best brew then make sure you have cold water in your machine. Don’t use water that is hot or has been boiled already, if you want even superior results than use cold water that has been filtered or is bottled. If your home has old pipes and nasty tasting water than this can further affect the taste of your coffee. If your town has a lot of chlorine in the water or if it is very hard this can also affect the taste of your coffee.

The temperature of the water is key to the brewing process. 195 to 205 degrees is the best temperature to make sure that your coffee is brewed properly. If the water is too hot it can cause the coffee to be bitter, but if it is too cold then it won’t absorb the flavor properly from the coffee grounds. Try Bunn Coffee Makers for a product that has great temperature levels.

If you are pressing your coffee then wait until the second after it boils to use your water. If you pre-heat your coffee pot this can also help in terms of using an automatic machine to get the same effect. Pour hot water into the pot and the dump out the water before you start brewing to get the temperature just right.

Make sure the grind you are using is right using your coffee maker. There is no one coffee bean grind that is good for everything. You should choose a grind based on whether you are using a press pot or an automatic coffee pot. You want to grind your beans for 10 seconds for a press pot, but for an electric machine you will want to grind the beans for 15-20 seconds. Try Bunn Coffee Makers if you are looking for that just right machine for a great brew.

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