Marble Bath Accessories

Summary: Elegantly designed marble bath accessories are great for any bathroom and yet inexpensive.

Are you very particular and fussy when it comes to choosing you things, much more to your bath accessories? If you are, then you must be looking for something that is elegant and fabulous which probably suit your taste and personality. The kind of person that you are deserves only the best. But, the best does not mean costly.

Bath accessories are carefully chosen not only to suit your taste but also they should go with your bathroom color. It is important to remember the significance of choosing the right bath accessories to match your bathroom; otherwise, instead of creating an impressive bathroom, it might end up a mess. Setting up a bathroom that would provide you the comfort, solitude and sense of satisfaction is not very hard of a task. The key there is your creative imagination combined with your taste, and you are going to boast the best bathroom you’ve ever known.

First let us begin our search on the elegant bath accessories there is. How about the marble bath accessories? To start with, the marble bath accessories are elegant and classy yet, very affordable. There are different collections as far as marble bath accessories are concerned. The different marble bath accessories include Nile Stone Collection, Portoro Collection, Botticino collection, Calacata collection, Onice Verde collection, Emperador Collection, Travertino Classico collection, Verona collection, Twist Aztec collection, Travertino Rosso collection, Verde Alpi collection, and Twist Mocha collection.

The Nile Stone collection of marble bath accessories by D.I.G.S. includes soap dish, tissue box holder, toothbrush holder, tumbler, and waste basket. Marble is the material used for these accessories, and the style is contemporary with off-white color.

The Portoforo collection includes soap dish, soap dispenser, tumbler, waste basket, and tissue box holder. These are all made from marble and the color is black accentuated with a touch of tan color. The design is very modern and classy. The Botticino Collection is all made from marble and it includes canister, soap dish, soap dispenser, tissue box holder, waste basket, and tumbler. The design is classic and the color is natural. The Calacata collection has a natural color and it includes canister, soap dish, soap dispenser, tissue box holder, tumbler, and waste basket. The Onice Verde collection has the same inclusion with Calacata collection. The only difference is that Onice Verde has a green color. The material and color make this collection make a perfect combination, very modern. The Emperador collection has the same inclusion but the color is brown. Marble is perfect in brown color which makes it a very elegant modernized design. The Travertino Classico collection has the same inclusions; the color is natural and has a classic design. The Verona collection reminded me of very elegant hotel bath accessories. The colors are a blend of natural and red. The Twist Aztec collection is of natural color and very classy and has the same inclusions. The Travertine Rosso collection is of darker natural color, and with the same inclusions. The Verde Alpi collection, conversely, has an interesting blending of colors which are black, green, natural, and white. The finish color is extraordinary. And last but not the least, the Twist Mocha Collection. It colored brown and what makes this collection is the twisting design of each of the accessory.

These marble bath accessories have different colors and designs to suit the different taste of picky customers. You can have a wide variety to choose from. If you want to see for yourself how splendid these marble bath accessories, you can check them out at

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