thermos vacuum bottle

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Thermos Vacuum Bottle

Introducing our Thermos Vacuum Bottle, the ultimate solution to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature for hours on end. Crafted with advanced vacuum insulation technology, this bottle is designed to provide superior thermal performance and durability.

Key Features:

  • Vacuum Insulation: The Thermos Vacuum Bottle features double-wall insulation that creates an airless space between the inner and outer walls. This vacuum layer acts as a barrier to minimize heat transfer, keeping your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer periods.
  • Exceptional Heat Retention: With its superior insulation, this bottle can keep your beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee or tepid water!
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality stainless steel, the Thermos Vacuum Bottle is built to withstand daily use. It is resistant to rust, corrosion, and impact, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition even with frequent use.
  • Leak-proof Lid: The secure and leak-proof lid ensures that your drink stays inside the bottle, preventing any spills or leaks. It is designed with convenience in mind, allowing you to enjoy your beverage on the go without any worry.
  • Compact and Portable: With its sleek and ergonomic design, this Thermos Vacuum Bottle is easy to carry and fits perfectly in your bag or backpack. It is an ideal companion for outdoor activities, office work, or even just running errands.
  • Easy to Clean: The wide mouth opening makes it easy to fill the bottle and clean it thoroughly. It is also dishwasher safe, saving you time and effort in maintaining its cleanliness.


  • Capacity: Various sizes available to suit your needs.
  • Color Options: Choose from a range of stylish colors to match your personal style.

Invest in our products and experience the convenience of sipping your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature, anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re a coffee lover, tea enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys a refreshing drink on the go, this vacuum bottle is the ultimate companion for you. Enjoy the luxury of long-lasting and perfectly temperature-controlled beverages with our Thermos Vacuum Bottle!