Product Description
Product Description

Tumbler Cups OKADI Wholesale Stainless Steel Insulated

Are you on the go, but still want to savor your favorite beverages in style? Look no further than our Tumbler, the ultimate on-the-go drinking companion.

1. Keep Your Beverages The Desired Temperature
Our products features double-walled insulation that keeps drinks at the perfect temperature for longer periods. Stay refreshed with ice-cold drinks or savor piping hot coffee during commutes, gym trips, or even outdoor adventures. No more settling for lukewarm drinks!

2. Stylish Design
Our products is not just a travel cup – it’s an extension of yourself. Our variety of sleek designs and tints ensures that you can choose the perfect match for your style. Add a pop of color or complement your existing palette – your Tumbler can say a lot about you.



3. Useful Handle
Our products is easy to carry with its sturdy and effective handle. Whether bringing it around the house, office, or on-the-go, it won’t slip or spill. Take it wherever your day takes you and stay hydrated.


4. Eco-Friendly Reusable Container
Rather than using wasteful single-use cups, invest in sustainability with our products. Sturdily constructed from durable materials, our products can be used again and again in favor of cutting down on redundant and wasteful single-use cups.

5. Conveniently Sized
Our products is compact and versatile, fitting in most standard cup holders. It is large enough to hold a generous serving size, while still being easy to manage during the busiest of days.


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