Whether you love coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, there is something special about having a hot drink. No matter what time of the day it is, they can immediately help to make you feel better. While the beverage is undoubtedly the most important part of the drink, the second most important part is the cup you place it in. Having the right mug can make or break your hot drink experience.


We recommend investing in a good quality travel mug, to make the most out of your beverages. Not only are travel mugs a convenient option for people on the go, but they can also be used even if you’re just at the office. Stainless steel is just one material that travel mugs are commonly made from, but we believe that it’s superior. It lasts longer than many alternatives, making it a cost-effective choice that’s still high quality.


Stainless steel mugs are the best for maintaining hot temperatures

There’s nothing worse than going to take a sip of your hot drink, and realizing that it’s already cold. Regular mugs are not built to retain heat, and your drink can very quickly become lukewarm and unappetizing. People also have the same issue with disposable coffee cups, although the loss of heat occurs more slowly, thanks to the lid.


The best solution for keeping your hot drinks at optimal temperature is a stainless steel travel mug. The stainless steel helps to retain the heat for longer, giving you more time to enjoy your beverage. Studies that tested travel mugs made from various materials found that stainless steel was the best for keeping drinks hotter for longer. You should also opt for a double-walled product, as these provide even more insulation for your drink. It may cost a little more, but the results will be worth it!


Stainless steel mugs are environmentally friendly

Everyone is becoming more aware of the fact that we need to be looking out for the environment. Single-use plastic takeaway cups can have hugely detrimental effects on the planet, something that we should all be concerned about. If you’re buying takeaway hot drinks on a regular basis, that’s numerous pieces of plastic that just get left in a landfill. Paper takeaway cups are more environmentally friendly, but they still generate a significant carbon footprint from their production process. Reusing the same cup prevents any unnecessary waste, and it means that you are helping to do your part to keep the Earth healthy.


Some cafes and coffee shops will also offer their customers a small discount if they bring in their own mugs. Not only are you doing your part for the environment by reducing waste, but you can also save money while you do it! Therefore although the upfront cost of purchasing a stainless steel mug can be expensive (especially if the mug is high quality), it pays off in the long run. That’s a great win-win situation for everyone.


They’re not just for hot drinks

A good stainless steel travel mug is versatile, and will truly change your life. Although travel mugs are generally used for hot drinks, they can also be used for iced beverages as well. Travel mugs maintain their internal temperature for much longer than regular mugs or glasses, whether this is hot or cold. So next time you find your iced latte feeling like it’s room temperature, consider putting it in a travel mug. For the best results, you can even freeze your travel mug overnight, so your drink stays icy for longer.


What kind of stainless steel mug is the best?

Now you know that you want to buy a stainless steel travel mug, the next step is deciding what kind. The market for reusable travel mugs is huge, and there are so many different kinds to choose from. A lot of your choice is going to come down to preference, and what suits your lifestyle the best.


For some people, buying a stainless steel coffee mug with handles is a necessity. Travel mugs with handles function just the same as a regular mug. A handle gives you something to hold on to, allowing you to transport it with ease. The handle also won’t get as hot as the rest of the mug, making it safer to hold. This is especially important for those who want to be able to carry their mug, but don’t want to suffer burnt hands.


Perhaps the only downside to purchasing a stainless steel coffee mug with handles is that some models may not fit into car cupholders. Depending on the design, the handle may be low enough that you can’t actually fit your mug in the cupholder. For those who need their coffee or tea on their commute in the mornings, this may be a deal-breaker. If you are looking for a travel mug with handles for the car, make sure the handles are higher up. This will secure the base properly in a cupholder, but still allow you to carry it with ease.


We highly recommend buying a travel mug that comes with a lid. Lids are useful for a number of reasons, and should never be overlooked. Firstly, coffee mugs with lids help to prevent any of your drink spilling. The point of a travel mug is to take your drink with you, but this can increase the risk of a mess. Whether your car just went over a bump too fast or you tripped while walking with your drink in hand, spills can occur. Using coffee mugs with lids means that no matter what happens, your drink will remain secure. The second benefit to using coffee mugs with lids is the fact that it helps to trap heat. This securely contains your drink and prevents warmth from dissipating. This is perfect for those who love to savour their hot drinks and don’t want to rush to enjoy them.


Find a travel mug that is the right size for you. If you love short blacks, there’s no need for you to purchase a full-size travel mug. Cups that are unnecessarily large are going to cool down your drink faster, something you want to avoid. Smaller cups are also more convenient to store or keep in your bag without taking up too much room. Conversely, if you love extra-large lattes, shop around for a mug that is big enough for you. Plenty of brands have diversified their models, offering travel cups of all different sizes. Find one that is perfect for you, so that you don’t have to compromize.