For OKADI employees to have a better life

Our complex building has gym, recreation room, restaurant and so on, which integrates life and entertainment together to serve employees. In order for them to live a better life and work in OKADI Cup factory for a long time, we can improve the service quality for customers and ensure the delivery date of production on time.

As we all know, the long-term development of water cup must depend on our strong body. We also use the OKADI Water Bottle when we exercise.

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2020 water bottle

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A Good Foundation for The Water Bottle Industry Group

To warmly celebrate the prosperity and development of our company’s Cup industry, we officially completed the cup industry giant complex building in 2020. The new OKADI venue, which can hold more than 800 people, was officially put into use on June 3. That night, the leaders of the town and the staff gathered together, lively.

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Our leader’s speech, our goal is to pay taxes into the Yongkang top 100, the new cup industry jobs 500, to become a better and better cup company

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The boss said to do this is the word “keep”, keep working hard, keep making progress, see good progress every day

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Twenty years of experience, Kuangdi experienced ups and downs, from small to large, from weak to strong, its behind the agony and sweat, only the stage before the speech Lu Jin Kuang general manager can be deeply experienced. Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, Kuangdi people will take advantage of the trend and forge a new glory of Kuangdi industry and trade.

Zhejiang Kuangdi Industry and Trade Co. LTD

June 22, 2020