When should Babies Start Eating Baby Food from a Jar

It is important to introduce solid foods safely and correctly so that your child will have a successful diet in the future. Most parents question when it is the right time for them to start introducing these foods. The recommended age for your baby to start eating baby food is around 6 months old. However, every child is different and may be ready earlier or later. Starting much earlier than 6 months can be a choking hazard, it may also result in your baby losing weight due to the decrease in breast milk intake. Waiting for too long after 6 months may also have a negative impact on your baby’s growth. They need extra calories and the exposure to new foods is important for development. Here are some behaviors to look out for when deciding if it is the right time to start feeding your baby solids:



If your baby has reached these growth milestones, they are ready to start eating baby food from a jar. Continue to give them breast milk or formula as these are still their main sources of nutrients.


How to Introduce a Solid Diet:

Once you have made the decision to begin introducing your baby to baby food, it is important to keep a few things in mind:



Remember that you do not have to immediately start an eating routine that consists of three meals a day. At first, one meal early in the day is enough to simply let them experience this new food. Watch for any reactions to the new food and contact your doctor if necessary. Create your own schedule and incorporate the solid food into meals slowly.


If your baby typically eats all of their food, try to introduce the solid food before meals when they seem curious and willing to try new food. If their concentration is only on the breast or bottle, rather save the solid food as a snack. Set a goal to work towards whereby the end of the first year you incorporate solids throughout the day. This means during breakfast, lunch, supper and snack time. Continue to feed with breast milk or formula between the solid meals.