Why stainless steel material is the best choice for insulated tumbler

Do you fancy having the company of a hot or cold beverage on the road? If you do, a stainless steel insulation tumbler should be your companion. Regardless of the weather, it will offer you refreshment in your preferred temperature. A well-insulated tumbler can keep a drink hot or cold (just the way you packed it) for 4 to 10 hours. How long an insulated tumbler maintains temperature is dependent on the material.

Insulated tumbler vary in performance and other characteristics; let’s review a few

Different types of insulated tumbler

Different types of insulated tumbler

Insulated tumbler come in varying designs and materials. The most common and also slightly affordable are plastic insulated tumbler. These are a great option for morning runs, they are lightweight, they have unlimited designs, colors and shapes, and the best part is that they are easy to clean. They have a few challenges though, they break easily and they also don’t retain the content’s temperature for long.

Copper insulated tumblers are also quite common though slightly pricey. They make a great companion in hot and cold weather because they are efficient at retaining drinks cold or hot. Other insulated tumbler in the market include air, foam, vacuum, and copper insulated tumbler. Air insulated tumblers have air between the two walls; they maintain the same temperature between 2 and 4 hours. Foam insulated tumblers have foam in between the two walls. They are better retainers for heat or cold as compared to air insulated tumblers. Insulated tumblers are great at retaining temperatures. You have over 10 worry free hours with your drink just as you packed it.

Stainless steel insulated tumblers are the most preferred tumblers today and they are popular for good reasons.  Here’s why;

Benefits of using stainless steel tumbler

Benefits of using stainless steel tumbler

  1. Durability: no other material withstands stress the way this one does. It does not break or easily dent and get damaged unlike ceramic for instance. After long hours of use and dishwasher rounds, containers lids tend to lose their rip and not hold as firmly as when they are new. They then start leaking and become nuisance. Well, not this one. This tumbler can serve you for a lifetime. Literally!
  2. Chemical safety; unlike other materials, stainless steel has no manufacturing chemical that contaminate your drink. Plastic tumblers for example expand when subjected to heat and release harmful chemicals. Even if they are rated BPA free, you cannot tell with certainty that there are no harmful elements intoxicating your drink when the tumbler heats up. Besides that, stainless steel is resistant to rust which makes it ideal for food storage.
  3. Great temperature maintenance; one of the most frustrating experiences is leaving your ice water in the car, then you go for a jog only to find it warm at a time you need cooling the most. Stainless steel insulated tumblers can be trusted to maintain cold or hot drinks with the desired temperature for long hours.
  4. Hygienic; it’s easy to clean; first, your stainless steel tumbler is dishwasher safe. Note; the lid needs to be removed as it’s not dishwasher friendly. If you are hand washing, a mild scrub will get lid of any stuck on dirt.
  5. Sleek; we all want to carry a presentable tumbler whether going for a run, attending high-level meetings or just camping. Stainless steel insulation tumblersoffer a variety of well-designed tumblers that you will be proud to show off.

Speaking of designs, what are some of the best brands to look out for?

Top 10 stainless steel tumbler brands

  1. Thermos

We grew up with Thermos until at some point we called every flask that came our way ‘Thermos’. Thermos has maintained high quality and pushed standards into their competitors through the years and so we not only love their products, we trust them.

  1. Yeti

If you love mugs, then Yeti isn’t new to you. It’s one of those brands found in almost every home. These guys love details, shapes, colors, straws, name them. Yeti wins hands down.

  1. Klean Kanteen

This brand is almost similar to Yeti but with a youthful feel. If you have kids, they will definitely fall in love with Klean Kanteen’s designs and color options.

  1. Zojirushi

This brand sneaked quietly into the market and before we knew it, it was a household name. I think it’s because they have something for everyone. The designs are also easy to fit into any kind of bag and cup holder.

  1. Contigo

Watchout for this brand, it could be the next big thing. We love the creativity especially with the cleanguard lid. Their designs are also easy and sort of unisex. Any pick is a good pick with Contigo. Take note of the ceramic coating on some of their tumblers as see if it impresses you as much as it does us.

  1. Pelican traveller; another great option for travelling
  2. Beast; we love it for its high quality and unisex designs
  3. Atlin: if you love class, this is your option
  4. Homitt: the one unique attribute with Homitt is their handles, they are lovely.
  5. Hydro Flask: these guys also have modest stainless steel insulation tumblers

They are definitely many other great brands out there that are equally good. They are so many you might get confused. So, how do you know which stainless steel tumbler suits you best?

Features to look out for in your ideal insulated tumbler

There are three main features to consider; capacity, accessories, and temperature maintenance.


Beyond aesthetic features, you need to consider your needs. How much do you need to carry? If you use it to travel or camp for instance, you will require a high capacity tumbler.


Under features, you are checking the type of lid the tumbler has, how leak-proof it is and if it’s a single piece or separate pieces. You also check whether the tumbler has a handle and other accessories like a straw.

Temperature maintenance

This is mostly dependent on quality of material. As much as these tumblers are stainless steel, they vary in grades. The most common models of stainless steel are 18/8 meaning the metal composition is 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. How long your beverage remains cold or hot is dependent on the grade of the


While choosing a tumbler, choose performance over appearance. You don’t have to stretch your budget to get a good pick. There is certainly a good insulated tumbler for you. Happy shopping!

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